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Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

Are you aware that 99.6% of Pennsylvania's businesses are made up of small businesses? Entrepreneurs in this state must acquire customized venture protection by procuring commercial insurance. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to contemplate various commercial insurance covers for legal and financial causes.

Most entrepreneurs require small enterprise insurance, whether in construction, financial services, or retail. Investing in adequate business liability covers to reduce exposure to possible risks is imperative. Call or visit us at Bartal Insurance, Scranton, PA for all your commercial insurance needs. This will help guard the empire you've labored so hard to put up.

Some factors affect the costs accrued by obtaining a business insurance policy. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Place of residence.
  • Previous claim history.
  • Merchandise or services one is dealing with.
  • Point of business operation.
  • The size of your enterprise.

Various Commercial Insurance Policies Are Offered.

  • Business liability insurance, also known as general liability insurance, cushions your establishment against claims occasioned by: tainted reputation, damage to personal property, bodily harm, errors while advertising, copyright infringement claims, and a false statement against a person. One can decide to buy this coverage as part of the business owner's policy or as a separate cover.
  • Commercial property insurance assists in repairs when your insured structure is damaged due to fire, lightning, or hurricane.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance, in case your business owns or uses several vehicles to deliver or collect products, it is advisable to procure commercial auto insurance as it pays costs associated with injuries caused while operating business vehicles.
  • Workers compensation, this policy by a business owner covers employees' treatment, wages lost, counseling, or even burial expenses in case they die or are injured while undertaking their duties during stipulated durations while on your premises.
  • Professional liability insurance helps cover against misadvice, errors in professionalism, false information, wrong disclosure of personal information, carelessness, and misrepresentation.

Are you an aspiring or already a business owner in Pennsylvania? Call us or visit our Bartal Insurance Agency offices in Scranton, PA for more details on commercial insurance.

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